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Founded 04 Dec, 2012
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We are an independent ultimate outdoor adventure team, based in Nepal, who explore and experience the unspoiled flora, fauna and landscapes of the towering Himalayas as well as the treasures of myth and legend of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. Mountain Mart Treks offers a splendid alternative solution for adventure, fun, research, and eco tourism to these South Asian countries. Let us guide you on the journey of a lifetime.

Who owns Mountain Mart Treks (MMT)?

MMT has been a leading trekking agency since 2009, led by two naturalist mountain leaders: Dolakh Thapa and Prem Panta. We are both Nepal Government registered trekking and mountaineering guides and have been leading eco mountain treks since 1991. Our two decades of experience, plus client feedback and advice inspired us to establish MMT to affiliate outdoor adventures together. Our webpage testimonial icon is evidence of our professionalism.


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