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What's MountRec?

MountRec is Hiking Log Sharing Service.

MountRec was born from "Yamareco" which is the hiking log sharing service in Japan. The original system was developed to share activity logs in hiking club "Kamonokai".
We offer the system for free in order to share the hiking-related information easily.

Star If you sign up MountRec, you will be ... Star

Easy to make hiking logs Get Ranking and Statistics
Log page sample
Ranking / Stat sample

Easy to Register Route by Clicking on the Map! or upload GPS Log! You can see how long does it take from the graph.
Route Sample
Graph Sample

Check & print route on topographic map! View 3D route with Google Earth on your browsers!
Topo Sample
GoogleEarth Sample

Star There are some functions for Groups like hiking club or friends! Star

- Private setting for Notes and Photos "open to group members"
- Create event / register attendance
- Additional Profile for group members

Generate profile list for group members Event for meeting or hiking member invitation
Group Members Event Registration

Star To make your log, please Sign up first!

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What's MountRec?
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