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Your monthly photo upload capacity for logs will be grow. Monthly capacity increases from 50MB to 300MB, and total capacity increases from 1GB to 20GB!

In premium plan, you can use more detailed search.
1) Reorder result from nearest point from your MyLocation
2) Filter by dates
3) Filter by seasons
4) Filter by access

For example, you can search like,
- Find summer logs.
- Find one day hike near my home.
- Find the mountain accessible by public transportation.

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You can use almost all of the function for FREE. If you join the premium, you can enjoy MountRec with convenient.

Standard Plan
Premium Plan
Price FREE $4.00 / Month
$43.00 / Year ($5.00 OFF!)
Trekking Log yes yes
Photo Capacity
50MB per month
Total 1GB
300MB per month
Total 20GB
Trekking Plan yes yes
Blog yes yes
Community yes yes
Group yes yes
Search Log / Plan yes
* with some restrictions

* There is no difference between Standard and Premium about other than above such as customer support or etc.

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