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   21 Nov, 2017(Day Trip)
  Sunny, almost cloudless.


Route Details:
  From Isawa toge parking space to Mt. Jomie was just a ten-minute gentle walk.
From Suisenji temple trailhead to Mt. Happu was about an hour walk.
Route Infomation:
  No dangerous spot.
Jomine koen, Chichibu-kegon-no-taki, and Tsuki-no-ishi koen were "parks."

photoicon Photos:
This time I visited 5 spots (6 including restaurant.^^) using a car.
1. Jomine-koen park
2. Mt. Jomine
3. Chichibu Kegon-no-taki falls
4. Mt. Happu
5. Hashiba soba noodle restaurant
6. Kami-nagatoro Tsuki-no-ishi koen
First, I vidited Jomine park, where winter cherry blossoms are famous.
The park also has beautiful color leaves forest of various kinds.
From a viewing terrace, I could see Kanryu dam lake below.
A cute kashiradaka in winter cherry flowers.
You can enjoy color leases and winter cherry blossoms at the same time.
Then I drove up to Isawa toge, which has the nearest trailhead to Mt. Jomine.
It was just a ten-minute walk to the peak, where there was a big TV transmisision tower.
The peak is also known to have the 1st class land mark of the Japanese Geographical Survey Institute.
From the middle terrace of the tower, I could have 360 degree view.
Then I drove down to south toward Chichibu Kegon-no-taki.
It was just a five-minute walk to the main fall.
The falls looked gorgeous in autumn colors.
And, I parked at a parking space for hikers near Suisenji temple for a short hike to Mt. Happu.
Color leaves were at their peak on the ridge to the peak.
I was just an hour walk as I hurried a bit.
Then lastly, I visited tsukinoishi park near Kami-nagatoro station.
This place seemed to be a tourist destination, and there were many tourists from abroad.
The backside of the park faced Arakawa river. This place is also known as Nagatoro, or long deep running water though a gorge.

impressionNotes: (by tatsuca)
  Since I heard color leaves in Oku-musashi area were at their peak, I planned this one to cover as many places as possible in one itinerary.

Mt. Happu was the only hike-like trail in this plan, but I enjoyed various autumn colors as I planned, or more than I had expected in some places.

[Rating of the trail for middle-aged beginner hikers, like myself
* The keys used in my logs are in: http://mountrec.com/modules/diary/629-detail-455
- Required Stamina: Level 1 of 5. Easy.
- Difficulty: Level 1. Mostly a park-like walk. Mt. Happu was the only trail with the elevation difference of 300m.
- Unnerving?: Level 1. No scary place.
- Get lost? Level 2. The drive from Jomine koen to Isawa toge, where a trailhead to Mt. Jomine was, might be most confusing. I attach the drive video below.
- Photogenic? Level 3. Color leaves, especially those in Jomine koen with winter cherry blossoms were impressive.
- Come again? Level 2. Some places might be a little boring to visit again, but driving from Gunma to Saitama over the Isawa toge was intriguing.
- Comment: The bus service is not so frequent, but you can walk from Jomine koen to Chichibu through Mt. Jomine as a part of Kanto freai hiking course.

The drive video from Jomine koen to chichibu Kegon-notaki through Isawa toge. [[YT:QJClxhYrNzU]]

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