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   17 Nov, 2017(Day Trip)


Route Details:
  7:10 Parking space near the peak.
7:15 The signboard of Mt. Ise; it wasn't at the peak of the mountain, or the hill
7:25 Parking space; drove to Matsuhime toge:
8:25 Parking space
9:00 Peak of Mt. Narakura
9:50 Parking space; drove to Jinya BS
10:30 Parking at Jinya BS
11:45 Peak of Mt. Oodera 11:55
12:45 Parking
Route Infomation:
  Mt. Oiseyama is actually a 5-minute walk from the parking.
Mt. Nakakura was also an easy hike without much elevation difference.
Mt. Ohdera, on the other hand, had relatively steep slopes, and a narrow ridge.

photoicon Photos:
I drove up to a small parking space just 5 minute walk from this "peak" of Mt. Ise. Actually a grave yard is higher than the peak sign. ?_?
Anyway, this is onel of the 12 Fuji viewing spots of Otsuki city. Mt. Fuji was really beautiful in the nice weather.
Then I drove toward Mt. Narakura. There was a nice dam lake along the #139 national road.
It was about an hour drive
From the parking space at Matsuhime toge, I could see Mt. Fuji already.
I arrived at the peak in an hour. There was no good view from the peak, but there was a viewing point a little down toward south.
Mt. Fuji from this peak was also one of the 12 grand views of Mt. Fuji of Ohtsuki city.
I found several wild birds on my way back to the parking space.
It was about a 30 minute drive.
The trailhead was ahead of a path through the right side of Jinya soba restaurant.
When I walked up five minutes, I could see the Lake Okutama and color leaves on the slopes of surrounding mountains.
The leaves on the ridge were also changed colors.
In an hour, I reached a broad knob like peak of Mt. Ohdera where a big white stupa is.
I turned around and came back on the same trail. I didn't take a photo on my way to, but there was a narrow rocky ridge.
And I returned to the parking space around 12:45.
The color leaves were also beautiful near the parking space.
impressionNotes: (by tatsuca)
  This time, I chose three short trails that are too short or too far, or too boring to make it as an independent hike and visited them enjoying autumn-color driveways between them.

Mt. Ise/Oise and Mt. Narakura are among 12 grand Mt.Fuji viewing peaks of Ohtsuki city and Mt. Ohtera has a white big pagoda on its peak which can been seen from the surrounding mountains.

Thanks to the fine weather, I could enjoyed beautiful Mt. Fuji from the two peaks and an exotic stupa as well as nice autumn colors around the Lake Okutama.

[Rating of the trail for middle-aged beginner hikers, like myself
* The keys used in my logs are in: http://mountrec.com/modules/diary/629-detail-455
- Required Stamina: Level 2 of 5. relatively easy.
- Difficulty: Level 2. Mt. Ohdera is a low mountain, but the trail I used was steeper than I had expected.
- Unnerving?: Level 3. A short section of Mt. Ohdera trail was rocky and the ridge and the traverse trail were narrow on steep slopes.
- Get lost? Level 3. The trail of Mt. Ohdera didn't have many direction signs and it was covered with fallen leaves and invisible most of the way. GPS would be helpful.
- Photogenic? Level 3. If the weather is fine, Mt. Fuji from the two peaks were gorgeous.
- Come again? Level 1. As I wrote above, I probable will not come back as an independent hike.
- Comment: There were bus services, though not frequent, to Mt. Narakura, Tsuru-toge BS from Uenohara station, and Jinya-mae BS from Okutamako station.

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