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   01 Nov, 2017(Day Trip)
  Cloudy, later sunny


Route Details:
  8:17 Ikusabata station
9:20 Mt. Raiden
10:04 Mt. Monomi
10:26 Mt. Sanpou
11:17 Yaguradai
11:45 Daijoji temple, stupa
Route Infomation:
  No dangerous spots.

photoicon Photos:
I arrived at Ikusabata station at 8:17.
About 10 hikers got off the same train with me.
A male daurian redstart was singing on an electric cable over the platform.
I walked on the driveway for 30 minutes. It was along a stream.
I passed the branch to Mt. Takamizu and go straight.
The trail start from this forest on the right.
After an hour from the station, I came to the peak of Mt. Raiden, 494m above the sea-level.
Most wildflowers were over but I saw many kouyaboki along the trail.
I found tiny flowers of kiko-haguma. This is one of the two main purposes of this hike.
And I soon found the other. Senburi flowers. They are aboiut 1 cm and a little larger than the kikou-haguma flowers.
There were so much color leaves found today, but there were a couple of spots they started to color.
Today, I didn't go to the end of the hiking couse, but turned right at a stupa of Daijoji temple.
I passes another small shrine with several toriis.
And stopped by a soba noodle restaurant near Ohme station.
Ohme station is famous for this strange monument, commemorating Fujio Atatsuka, a cartoonist known by his gag mangas such as Osomatsu-kun, Tensai Bakabon.
Also, they put up old movie posters along the underground hallway of the station.
impressionNotes: (by tatsuca)
  I have light back ache there days, so I planed this short easy one, in which I hoped to find Senburi flowers and Kikou-haguma flowers.

The weather was not so good and a little cold, as a matter of fact, but I could find the two flowers successfully, and I enjoyed the light hiking on a quiet trail.

[Rating of the trail for middle-aged beginner hikers, like myself
* The keys used in my logs are in: http://mountrec.com/modules/diary/629-detail-455
- Required Stamina: Level 2 of 5. relatively easy.
- Difficulty: Level 1. There were a couple of rocky small peaks with fixed ropes, but I didn't have to use them.
- Unnerving?: Level 1. No scary place.
Get lost? Level 3. The traces are clear, but there are many branches, so a map and a compass or a GPS would be recommended.
- Photogenic? Level 1. Since the trail is on the low ridge through forests, there were no spots to command great mountain views. But as a wildflower lover, I enjoyed to take pictures of them.
- Come again? Level 2. The trail is a little too short, but comfortable to walk.
- Comment: The course is part of 30km trail-run course, so if you are a trail-runner, you probably enjoy running this course and further route in Takamizu area.

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