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   02 Oct, 2017(Day Trip)
wear: 2 long sleeves with outer and long pants


Route Details:
  10:20 Iwakagami Daira
10:25 Higashi Kurikoma course starting point
11:30 Mt. Higashi Kurikomayama summit
12:25 Mt. Kurikomayama summit
12:40 Tengu Daira
13:25 Showa Lake
14:10 Sukawa Kogen
Route Infomation:
  Higashi Kurikoma course i went on is not for going down because it was very muddy and slippery.Going up is OK. There is a stream walk for 8 min on the way. 2hrs

Chuo course-i did not go this route this time- is good for beginner because it is shorter than Higashi Kurikoma course. Even?hikers on sneakers can go up easily on this Chuo course. 1hr30min

Sukawa course had many paddles on the trails. i think that this muddy condition is usual because i have experienced it every time since 2015. Sometimes slippery.

Autumn leaves here are usually seen from the end of Sep to beginning of Oct.
The trails and summit are very crowded in this season, especially on weekends.

Volcanic gas emits near Sukawa course.

free public toilet at Iwakagami Daira
free toilet at resthouse near Iwakagami Daira
free vio toilet at Showa lake
free toilet near Sukawa Onsen bus stop

Kurikoma Sanso near Sukawa Onsen bus stop 700yen
Sukawa Kogen onsen near Sukawa Onsen bus stop
free footbath near Sukawa Onsen bus stop

:::Mountain registration Form:::
There is a form and post at Iwakagami Daira Resthouse.
You can also e-mail to Miyagi Prefectual Police.
E-mail address is "[email protected]";

photoicon Photos:
Miyako bus "KOYOGO"
Iwakakagmi Daira 1113m
muddy and slippery!!
Go up on this stream 100m.
Walk on left side first and cross the stream finally.
Be careful after rainfall.
It is likely to get lost.
cross the stream from left to right.
Mt. Kurikomayama
the summit
Mt.Kurikomayama is located on 3 prefectures, Miyagi, Iwate and Akita.
It is called "Mt. Sukawadake" in Iwate pref.
many paddles
Showa lake
Volcanic gas emits around here.
Vio toilet is available at Showa lake.
muddy but beautiful
My favorite "Kurikoma Sanso" in Akita pref.
3 min walk from the bus stop.
There is another onsen, Sukawa Kogen onsen in Iwate pref. That is closer to the bus stop than Kurikoma Sanso. closed on Wed.
Local bus by Iwateken kotsu.
very crowded!
impressionNotes: (by pangea)
  AutumnĦĦLeaves in Mt. Kurikomayama is called one of the most beautiful scenery.
Yes. Absolutely right. That is why i have come here every year since 2015.

However, it is difficult to coincide the best timing with my day off and weather.According to weather forecast, the previous day was sunny and today was cloudy.Because i was very sleepy the previous day, the plan to go up was changed from the previous day to today.
That was good. i heard that there was no views from the summit due to fog on the previous day. It was clear even without sunlight today.

Anyway, i enjoyed the trip. Leaves around the summit fell down already. But still beautiful. Especially, Sukawa route was good. Colors of mountain's surface grabbed my attention all the way down. i turned around many times and took photos again and again...ĦĦEvery one did it. Every one will do it so!
But i do not have much time. i went up and down quickly, thinking about Sukawa onsen. Sukawa onsen...this is the one of my best onsen. i can not come here without thinking about this onsen. i finally could soak my body in this onsen just for a second before bus's departure. i wish the bus departed a bit later.

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