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Mt. Sengen and Ranzan gorge (12/24)

And I came to the entrance to the trail along the gorge.

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Taken By tatsuca
Permission Open to all
Visits 109
Maker Panasonic
Model DMC-TZ85
Taken on 28 Nov, 2017 11:13
ISO speed 80
Shutter Speed 1/60 sec
Aperture f/3.3
Focal length 4.3mm
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8:15 I started from Ogawa-machi station

After a 20 minute street walk, I found the first direction sign for hiking. I chose the closest trailhead from the station, which went straight at this branch..

This seemed to be the trailhead.

The leaves of the trees changed at places.

The trail was covered with fallen leaves.

9:15 I arrived at a gentle peak of Mt. Sengen. T

There was no great open views at the peak or along the trail.

But autumn colors were beautiful at places.

I found a small plate saying this place is the peak of Mt. Monomi, officially by the Japanese Geographical Survey Institue.

The trail came down to a driveway from the back of a grave yard.

Maples trees along the drive way were already beautiful when I came close to Ranzan gorge.

And I came to the entrance to the trail along the gorge.

Color leaves were beautiufl

A stone monument said the town Ranzan was named after Ranzan in Kyoto which is famous for its autumn colors.

It sure was a gorgeous place worthy of the name.

The trail ends at the tip of a peninsular like land made by the river bent.

There was a path to the river.

After came back the stone monument, I turned right toward Sensedo shrine.

As I came just in time for the bus, only one service in an hour during the day, I got on it from the BS in front of a tourist info facility.

As I changed trains from Tobu to Seibu at Kawagoe, I stopped by and had a short walk around this KO-Edo, small-Edo town.

This place was famous for its street with old wooden warehouse-like stores build more than 100 years ago.

There were many old shrines and temples in the town.

Kitain temple is the largest and most famous one.

I enjoyed the walk.

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