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Unotawa & Mt. Ohmochi (/20)

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I drove a narrow forest road and parked at the starting point of Yokokura forest road around 9:45. There was a small space that a few cars can park.

I walked back a couple of minutes and turn at this branch.

The first section was a paved road, but some spots were covered with thin running water and a little slippery.

After a 30 minute walk, I came to the end of the paved road, where a small parking space was.

The trail was along a beautiful stream.

The last section below the ridge was a little steep.

When I came near to the ridge, colored leaves appeared.

I arrived at Unotawa, or cormorant's marsh, around 11:20. The place once said to be a marsh, but it is now dry up, but there weren't any trees growing yet.

After taking pictures, I continued to walk toward Ohmochi-yama-no-kata, or the shoulder of Mt. Ohmochi. The autumn colors were stunning along the trail.

After a ten-minute moderate climb, I came to a spot where I could have a nice command toward northeast.

I arrived at Ohmochi-yama-no-kata at 12:07, and turned left towards the peak of Mt. Ohmochi.

I could see the peak of the Mt. Fuji through trees on the way.

The peak was just several minute walk. Mt. Fuji couldn't be seen from this peak because of the small peak in front of this peak.

I turned around and walked back toward the kata and Tsumasaka toge.

The color leaves around 1000m were at their best.

13:07 I arrived at Tsumasaka toge.

I took a picture of Mt. Buko and turned right to the parking space.

The trail was very well maintained.

And came out at this point to a forest road.

I passed a huge rock and in 20 minutes, I came down to the parking space I parked.

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