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Mt. Jimba/Jinba (1/56)

I used a local bus from JR Fujino to Wada BS. The 8:10 bus was nearly full with hikers and elementary school kids.

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Maker Panasonic
Model DMC-TZ85
Taken on 26 Oct, 2017 08:11
ISO speed 100
Shutter Speed 1/60 sec
Aperture f/3.3
Focal length 4.3mm
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I used a local bus from JR Fujino to Wada BS. The 8:10 bus was nearly full with hikers and elementary school kids.

The bus arrive the Wada BS at 8:30. About 10 hikers came to this terminal BS.

I first went into a short cut trail, but there was a sign that the trail was closed ahead, so I turned back.

And turned right at this #2 Wada-ridge trailhead.

I found gen-no-shouko flowers.

When I walked up a little I could see Mt. Fuji already.

The trail was very well maintained and walked.

I arrived at a branch on the ridge to Mt. Jimba at 9:30

I heard several sounds of birds along the way, but this was the only one I could take pictures of. Probably, a small woodpecker.

9:45 The peak of Mt. Jimba came into sight.

And I could see Mt. Fuji without a speck of cloud for the first time after some cloudy and rainy day hikes.

I found Sembir flowers near the peak as I had expected.

The monument of horse is the symbol of this Mt. Jimba, literally "battle camp horse"

Autumn colors have started near the peak.

10:57 I could also see Mt. Fuji with autumn colors at Myoou toge pass.

I turned right into a ridgeway toward Sagamigo station for the first time. I soon passed "Ishinage Jizo" where there was a stone monument beside which people believed putting stones gave them luck.

I crossed a forest road.

And passed a small Yanone peak

The trail from the peak down to the main trail was a little steep and muddy. I had to be careful not to fall on my hip.

There was a viewing terrace with a table toward Lake Kagamiko and Mt. Sekiro-zan. The water was brown after the heavy rain of a typhoon today.

I passed Yose jinja shrine.

It seemed Chuo highway was built through the shrine property.

I turned left toward Sagamiko station.

And stopped by Hamajin sobs noodle restaurant.

The tempura mori soba noodles were nice.

They were so friendly to customers that they gave me hayatouri, or chayote, they picked from their yard.

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