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Minaimi Takao looking for wildflowers (/52)

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This is the target of this hike plan. Akebonoso.

I visited the same place several days ago, but I couldn't find them at the time.

This time, I lucked out and met hikers who knew where they grew.

One of them were an Westerner hiker, who also looking for flowers.

I was asked the name of this one, but this was the first time I saw this. Luckily another hiker, who let me know this place a while ago, and let us know this was koshiogama.

The Westerner also showed me this rare wild plant, yamahozuki. I was surprised to know that there was flower-loving hikers from abroad in Takao area. ^^;)

Anyway, I started from Takaosan-guchi station.
It takes only 20 minutes to Umenoki-daira branch, but I chose to used a local bus.

I heard much sound of wild birds during the hike, but this kite was the only one I could take a picture of.

The bus left 10:20 about 5 minutes late from the schedule and arrived at Umenoki-daira BS in just 5 minutes.
I started walking and turned left from this branch into a hiking trail.

I took pictures of wildflowers while hiking as usual.

Soon I passed a famous Japanese style restaurant, Ukai-chikutei.

And then passed an elderly nursing home, Fukujuen.

And passed the final building along the trail, Takao Green-house community center.

I arrived at Misawa-toge around 11:55. It took longer than usual as I was looking for Akebonoso.

I turned left on the ridge and walked toward Kusato-toge.

It was a little hazy and even Lake Shiroyama below was in the haze.

From Kusato toge I could see Mt. Takao to the north, but it was also in the haze.

There were several small peaks toward Yotsutsuji.

13:20 I finally got to Yotsutsuji and turend left. (If you want do walk some more small peaks, you can just go straight toward JR Takao station. It would take an hour more.

The trial came out to this narrow aisle between private houses. ^^;)

And I came back to Kiyotaki station.

To stop by a famous, and my favorite soba noodle restaurant, Takahashiya.

The cold soba noodles with tempura were really nice.

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