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Mt.Kurikomayama with autumn leaves (18/20)

muddy but beautiful

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Taken By pangea
Permission Open to all
Visits 59
Model 507SH
Taken on 2 Oct, 2017 13:51
ISO speed 32
Shutter Speed 1/185 sec
Aperture f/2.2
Focal length 4mm
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Miyako bus "KOYOGO"

Iwakakagmi Daira 1113m

muddy and slippery!!

Go up on this stream 100m.
Walk on left side first and cross the stream finally.
Be careful after rainfall.
It is likely to get lost.

cross the stream from left to right.

Mt. Kurikomayama

the summit
Mt.Kurikomayama is located on 3 prefectures, Miyagi, Iwate and Akita.
It is called "Mt. Sukawadake" in Iwate pref.

many paddles

Showa lake
Volcanic gas emits around here.

Vio toilet is available at Showa lake.

muddy but beautiful

My favorite "Kurikoma Sanso" in Akita pref.
3 min walk from the bus stop.
There is another onsen, Sukawa Kogen onsen in Iwate pref. That is closer to the bus stop than Kurikoma Sanso. closed on Wed.

Local bus by Iwateken kotsu.
very crowded!

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