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Mt.GASSAN by bus from Sendai (2/40)

follow the arrows.
very easy.

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Taken By pangea
Permission Open to all
Visits 36
Model 507SH
Taken on 31 Aug, 2017 08:35
ISO speed 39
Shutter Speed 1/185 sec
Aperture f/2.2
Focal length 4mm
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Nishikawa Bus Stop on highway

follow the arrows.
very easy.

"Nishikawa IC" bus stop is just 1 min walk away from Nishikawa BS.

very very clean public free toilet near Ubasawa bus stop

Gassan lift 20 mins.
it runs frequently in daytime, but bad weather such as strong wind makes the operation suspend sometimes.
hiker can also go up the trails nearby.

after getting off
that is Mt.Gassan!!

go up a little and turn around.
the house is Lift Sancho stn.


still flowering!

I am not sure.

white part is snow


So cute "Chinguruma"

Ushikubi divergence
go to the right for the Mt.Gssan summit.
go to the left for Yudonosan Shrine.

around here, get to be steep



just a few

step on rocks between Ushikubi and the summit

this is seems like "Hakusanfuro".

these may be seHakusanfuro, too.

the summit
it is likely that there are no sign of summit.

the summit lodge

pay toilet

triangular point

butterfly named as "Kujakucho"
not so rare...

means the point blocking pilgrims' way.


Busshoikegoya-the 9th station-
i wanted to get corn soup here.

they will not open on cloudy day.

the sign says
go to the right for the summit for 2h30mins.
go to the left for the 8th station parking for 30mins.
absolutely, left!

Ontawara sanrojo

Gassan hachi gome resthouse-the 8th station-
food and souvenier are available.

Shonai Kotsu bus for Tsuruoka Bus terminal/Tsuruoka JR station via Haguro Sancho.
this was the today's last bus.
that was why i cannot get off at Hagurosan on the way.

command a beautiful view of Tsuruoka city.

i love Mt.Gassan very very very much.

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