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Mt. Hinata (6/52)

The temperature was higher than I had expected.

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Maker Panasonic
Model DMC-TZ85
Taken on 5 Sep, 2017 08:02
ISO speed 80
Shutter Speed 1/60 sec
Aperture f/3.3
Focal length 4.3mm
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I started off a little early this morning, but when I arrived at a small parking space at Yadate-ishi trailhead around 7:30, mine was the fifth car.

There is a loop trail, but unfortunately the section between the peak and Nishiki-daki falls has been closed since this May when there was a fatal accident due to the bad trail condition.

The trail was though forests and there was no view until I came up to the peak.

But I found several wildflowers.

The temperature was higher than I had expected.

There came fogs from time to time.

This device was a rainfall meter, according to the explanation board.

Around 9:00 I arrived at the official peak of Mt. Hinata, where there is a stone marker of Japanese GS, but there is no view at this spot.

The name-board of Mt. Hinata was a couple of minutes away from the official peak, and this place commands a fine one-eighty open view.

This peak is famous for its beach-like sand surface, but it didn't look so nice under the cloudy sky.

I found a cluster of takane-biranji, one of the two main targets on this hike. ^^)

The other side of the peak was cut sharply to the cliff.

There was a small stone monument dedicate to a local daimyojin god.

The fogs on the peak were constantly flowing.

I could see Mt. Yatsugatake to the east when fogs were cleared.
As I had a plan to hike Mt. Nykasa today, I didn't take a break and continued to walking back to the trailhead.

When I came back to the parking space around 10:15, the space was full with more than 20 cars.

I then walked towards Nishiki-daki.

I arrived at a small gazebo at Nishiki-daki trailhead around 11:00.

The board explains the trail to the peak was closed.

But there was a short trail to the fall before the blockade.

I found the other target of this hike, shirahigeso near the fall.

A beautiful fall.

I resumed walking back to the parking space.

And arrived at the parking space around 11:45.
My plan was to hike Mt. Nyukasa in the afternoon, to look for other wildflowers. The report will be posted soon.

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