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Mt. Mitoh (37/49)

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Permission Open to all
Visits 30
Model GXR P10
Taken on 30 Aug, 2017 10:49
ISO speed 519
Shutter Speed 1/30 sec
Aperture f/4.5
Focal length 12.2mm
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As the forecast said it would rain in the afternoon, I chose this course because it's short and it is safe even in rain and winds.

Gray wagtails always fly around the parking space.

Hydrangeas, too.

I chose "kaori-no-michi" today.

Soon I arrived a viewing terrace.

But not much could be seen today.

The trail is not the major one but it was well maintained.

9:14 I came to a hut for bird watching.

There was no one inside.

I turned right at the branch by the hut toward the ridge.

It was 21 degrees. With high humidity, I sweated a lot as always.

9:35 I arrived the ridge between Saikuchi toge and peaks of Mt. Mitoh.

I passed several hikers even on this cloudy day on this main trail.

I first arrived the east peak at 10:00

The central peak was in 5 minutes.

And the west peak was in another 5 minutes.

The viewing point of the west peak has a nice view of Mt. Fuji. but Mt. Fuij was beyond dense clouds today.

I continued to walk and turn left at Mushikari toge.

The trail along Mitoh sawa stream was through abundant vegetation and moss.

I walked down to Mitoh-Ohtaki falls.

The fall is not big but it has about 50m height.

The sky looked like this all day and it started to sprinkle.

I had quick lunch at a restaurant in a park building and finished the hike before noon as I had planned.

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