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Otome Kogen highland and Mt. Konara (44/87)

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Maker Panasonic
Model DMC-TZ85
Taken on 24 Aug, 2017 10:20
ISO speed 80
Shutter Speed 1/100 sec
Aperture f/5.6
Focal length 44.8mm
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I chose this course for two main purposes. One is Mt. Fuji and the other is a wildflower named Akebonoso.
I first visited Otome Kogen to look for the wildflower.

The garden was protected by deer fences.

It looked non-native invasive plants were also nuisances.

I was looking for the Akebonoso, but it looked most of their buds were small or withered. They bloomed this time last year, so the rainy weather for the last couple of weeks might have damaged the plants.

I came down a little bit to look for more.

But I gave up at this branch and came back on the drive up.

I also walked on the boardwalk over a marsh land on the other side of the drive way, but I couldn't fine the Akebonoso.

I came back the spot, they are said to bloom last year, but it looks most of them started to wither.

There were some buds left but they might not open this year. I hope the roots will survive and bloom again next year.

I continued to walk in the Kogen garden where wildflowers are protected by the local volunteers.

After Otome Kogen, I drove back to Yakiyama toge. It was just a five-minute drive, so you can walk from Yakiyama toge to Otome kogen using a walking path and trails.

I started from a trailhead by the parking space at 10:35

It became a little cloudy, so I started to regret that I should have walked this side first. ^^;)

I used the traverse trail to the other end of the peak of Mt. Konara in order to make a loop trip round the peak. .

It was a quiet trail through forests.

It was 21 degrees, much cooler than the foot of the mountain Koshu-shi, where the temperature rose to 35 degrees in the afternoon.

Then I walked back toward the peak from the south.

I thought maybe it had been cloudy before I reached the peak, but Mr. Fuji was still there. [[scissors]]

Mt. Yatsugatake to the west was in clouds, but the view was still nice.

After 15 minutes, I came back using the trail to the north.

A water place below the peak seemed to have been depleted.

I used a trail by matoishi rock.

I found many yellow flowers and butterflies near the small peak.

The downhill was a little steep.

I branched off from the trail to the drive way to the right at this sign.

I could see Mt. Kita-oku-senjo and Mt. Kinpo to the north.

I came back to the parking space. Mine was the last to park here.

* Last year's picture.
When I came here, I found a wild fox at this parking space, and I was kind of hoping to meet him again, but I couldn't.

I stopped by a udon restaurant for a late lunch.

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