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Mt. Mitake on a rainy day. (7/62)

When the forest road came to the real end, the trail branched to the right.

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Model GXR P10
Taken on 10 Aug, 2017 09:03
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I drove up on a narrow forest road to the end of Yozawa forest road.
There was another car parking.
I started aroudn 8:55.

The first five minute walk was on a paved forest road

I'll post pictures of wildflowers I found today.
If you should be interested in the name, please check the original log in Japanese at:

When the forest road came to the real end, the trail branched to the right.

There was a short rocky section ahead.

But soon it ended and came to branch. I made a left toward Nanayo-no-taki fall.

It was just a two to three minute walk to the fall.

I found hototogisu by the fall pond.

And iwa-tabako, too.

These were two of the main targets of this hike.

When I came up to Tanguiwa rock, I turned left into Rock Garden.

As the mist turned into fine rain, I took out an umbrella.

The small falls were nice along the Rock Garden trail.

And came to the Ayahiro-no-taki.

10:35 I passed Nagao-daira.

I chose the left trail toward Mitake Shrine.

The Mitake Shrine was at the top of Mt. Mitake. As there is a small paved driveway to the peak, this shrine is as large as the ones we found at the foot of other mountains.

And I found many renge-shouma flowers at the back of the shrine building.

This was the last one of the major targets of today's hike.

I passed an old big Japanese zelkova tree which is said to be more than 1000 years old. It appeared even more majestic in mist.

I passed San-an shrine, which is said to have benefit for an-zan, "easy delivery"

There is another rengehouma garden near the shrine, where many tourists with cameras to take photos of the flowers.

As I had taken good pictures before I came here, I could skip the most crowded section.

11:30 I came down to the cable station.

There was no view from the terrace today.

I walked back toward Nagao-daira branch.

And walked down the trail toward Nanayo-no-taki.

And made left at the branch I made left this morning.

Passed a rocky spot,

And soon came back to the space I parked.

I had soba noodles with vegetable tenmura for late lunch near Hiagshi-akiru station.

Both noodles and tempra were nice. ^^)

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