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Mt. Choshichiro in Mt. Akagi (36/68)

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Taken By
Permission Open to all
Visits 86
Maker Panasonic
Model DMC-TZ85
Taken on 3 Aug, 2017 09:57
ISO speed 80
Shutter Speed 1/125 sec
Aperture f/6.0
Focal length 83.4mm
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I arrived at a parking by Akagi visitor center around 8:50. Place above 1000m seemed to be in fog.

I took photos of wildflowers as I walked up toward Konuma pond.

Turned right at this T-junction.

There were not many cars on the road, but big dump trucks were running from time to time.

9:37 I arrived at the northern entrance to Konuma pond walk-way.

I decided to turn left to make a clock-wise trip to the other end of the pond.

It was foggy all the way.

When I came to the southern end of the pond I left the pond and walked toward Mt. CHoshichiro.

The trail seemed to be well maintained.

11:19 There was no view from the peak of Mt. Choshichiro due to fog.

I continued to walk toward Mt. Kojizo

Went right at this branch to make round trip to the peak.

As I had guessed, there was no view at the small and almost flat peak of Mt. Kojizo because of trees.

I came back to the branch and turned around and went left.

Turned right at this branch.

The wood steps were a little slippery with moist and moss.

When I walked down through foggy forest,

it was Torii pass. I crossed the driveway toward Gakumanbuchi pond.

And walked a little more through woods,

I came to the walking path around Gakumanbuch, but it was so foggy that I couldn't see the pond. I turned right.

Board walks were installed at some sections.

At the northern end of the path, I wend out a gate of deer fence.

11:25 I came back to the parking space. In spite of this poor weather, there were more than 20 cars parked.

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