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Lake Kamakita and Mt. Monomi, looking for a rare bird. (/73)

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I started from a free parking space of Moroyama Sogo Koen park.

There was a walking path branched from a driveway by the stream from Lake Kamakita.

The first section was a paved road.

Soon I came to the place where sankocho, Japanese paradise flychatchers, often observed.

They said the last baby-bird left the next yesterday but they seemed to be staying in this forests with the parents.

I saw them several times through leaves, and finally, I could take some photos of a male bird.

This was the best picture I could take, though.

He flew into bushes in a matter of seconds.

As I spent nearly an hour to look for the bird, I speed up and walked toward Lake Kamakita.

10:33 I arrive the lake.

I planned to walk to Ktaiamuki-jizo but I decided to skip it and go directly to Mt. Monomi via. Syukuya-no-taki falls.

The trail was through fresh green forest.

The temperature was 23 degrees but it came up to 27 degrees as I walked up to Mt. Monomi, and I sweated a lot. [[sweat]]

I stopped by Syukuya-no-taki.

Then turned around and walked toward Mt. Monomi.

There was another smaller fall, Shykuya-no-kotaki along the trail

The slope became a little steeper as I came near to the ridge.

A view point below the ridge was the only point I got some panoramic view today.

Soon I came up to a ridge way to Mt. Monomi.

Around noon, I arrived at the peak of Mt. Monomi, where there were the signpost and some benches for hikers.

But the official stone marker of Japanese GS was on the adjacent peak a couple of minutes away.

I came down to a paved forest road,

and continued to walked toward Mt. Fuji, one of the numerous local Mt. Fujis, of course.

There were a couple of small peaks with no direction signs. If you don't have a map or a GPS, they could be troublesome.

On the next peak, the trail one map seemed to go straight on the ridge, but actually,

I had to turn right using this fixed rope traversing the rocky ridge.

The GPS logs of hikers show that some hikers got into the wrong ridgeway.
These GPS logs can be seen on Yamareco at https://www.yamareco.com/modules/yamareco/showroute_rec2.php?showtrks=1

I decided to skip Mt. Fuji and turn left at Kasuzaka.

I soon came down to the village.

I wanted to stop by the lotus garden in the park, but it was already closed at noon, because the flowers only open during early morning.

I found a singing bird and took photo, but this is a Chinese Hwamei, which was imported and escaped and has made great population. They've been defined as one of the invasive species by law.

I came back to the parking space around 13:30

I stopped by a noodle restaurant in Mizuho-machi.

This one is a kind of fast-food type noodle stand, but they made noodles at the cornier of the stand, which makes the noodles fresh and tasty.

I then visited a Rokudozan park, where an old farm house with straw roof is preserved. But this one was too cleanly preserved.

In my mind, it should look like this.

This reminds me the rice paddles I saw 50 years ago in my mothers home village in Hiroshima. ^^)

I put up some pictures I took during today's hike.

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