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Mt.Yudonosan by bus from Sendai ( Day Hike / Japan Yamagata pref. Tohoku)

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24 Sep, 2017(Sun) [Day Trip]
Members: Weather:
wear:2 long sleeves and long pants with outer/rain wear

How to reach:
  Transport: Bus
:::TO GO:::
Sendai 7:05---Highway Bus for Tsuruoka/Sakata---Nishikawa Bus Stop 8:40 1750yen
Nishikawa IC 9:00---local bus of Nishikawa Town---Ubasawa 9:49 500yen
*From Nishikawa Bus Stop to Nishikawa IC, 1 min walk.
**Local bus 9:00 of Nishikawa Town is operated everyday from 9/Apr/2017 to 22/Oct/2017 without reservation.

Yudonosan 16:15---Tsuruoka REBORN Shuttle bus---Tsuruoka S-mall 17:34 2000yen
Tsuruoka S-mall bus terminal 18:50---Highway Bus for Sendai---Sendai 21:40
***Tsuruoka REBORN Shuttle bus is operated on Sat. Sun. and holidays from 3/June/2017 to 29/Oct/2017 without resevation.

Highway Bus between Sendai and Tsuruoka/Sakata is required to make a resevation in advance. When there is a vacant seat left, you can get a seat just before the departure after purchase of ticket.

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Route Details:
   10:05 Ubasawa
11:10 Ushikubisita Bunki
11:40 Ushikubi
12:05 Kanauba
12:15 Mt.Ubagatake summit
---lunch break---
12:40 Mt.Ubagatake summit
12:45 Kanauba
13:35 Shouzokuba
14:25 Yudonosan Shrine
15:05 Yudonosan shrine
15:20 Yudonosan Sanrojo bus stop

Route Infomation:
   from Kanauba to Yudonosan shrine : just a few hikers, not major route
from Shouzokuba to Yudonosan shrine : not for beginners, some parts are very slippery and there are some steep iron ladders.

Make sure to take bear bells with you just in case.

There is a clean public toilet near Ubasawa bus stop.
There is a toilet at Yudonosan shrine, Sanrojo and parking.
they are all free.

Yudonosan Sanrojo offers onsen 500yen.
Hours are until 15:00??? But i could use even around 16:00.
You can wash your body and change clothes in a normal bathroom on 2F.
There is very special onsen on 1F-it was seemd like basement.
The onsen is treated as god!
Do not use something like soap or shampoo there. Only soak your body in onsen.

Photos: View in slideshow
Local bus of Nishikawa Town
View Detail

Local bus of Nishikawa Town
good timing!
View Detail

good timing!
There is still snow.
View Detail

There is still snow.
View Detail

Mt.Ubagatake summit
View Detail

Mt.Ubagatake summit
Can you see Tsuruoka city?
View Detail

Can you see Tsuruoka city?
View Detail

steep iron ladders
View Detail

steep iron ladders
water is running...
View Detail

water is running...
Trail is on the stream-the arrow, pink ribbon shows this is the trail.
View Detail

Trail is on the stream-the arrow, pink ribbon shows this is the trail.
Torii gate around Yudonosan Sanrojo
View Detail

Torii gate around Yudonosan Sanrojo
Yudonosan goshuin 300yen
View Detail

Yudonosan goshuin 300yen
Notes:(by pangea)
   It was good timing to see autumn leaves at 1500-2000m high.
Very beautiful!! Many hikers came Mt.Gassan to see autumn leaves. My purpose was to go to Yudonosan Shrine. So i was so lucky.

Gassan Lift is available at Ubasawa starting point. That is much easier to go up than the route i went. But because i had enough time, i went the route without lift. i like views from lift. But different views on the route i went made me happy.

Especially, views between Ushikubi and Mt. Ubagatake are good! Red, yellow and green leaves...very beautiful.

From Kanauba, no one came on the trails i went. i felt very uneasy and uncomfortable.
Besides, the path from Shozokuba was so scary because it was in stream and very slippery. It was like walking in the river. There are rocks like stairs and water runs on them. That is the trails for Yudonosan Shrine. Super slippery. i thought i got lost, but i did not get lost because there were pink ribbons on trees which show appropriate route. i fell down and got wet...

Finally, i managed to get to Yudonosan Shrine.
"do not speak, do not listen" about Yudonosan.
That is why i cannot tell the reference about it.
It was mysterious world...

P.S. autumn leaves at Yudonosan Shrine have not started yet. Normally, around from end of Sep to beginning of Oct.
There is no trails which lead to Mt.Yudonosan summit.

***Photos were uploaded on 02/Oct/2017. ***

***Thank you for reading my record.***

***correction of errors on 05/Oct/2017***

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