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Elevation : 1175 m (3855 ft.)
Coordinates : Latitude 35°45′17″N, Longitude 139°00′27″E

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Last Update:2012-06-26 20:55 - gutenmrgen
Nearby POI
???[1.1km] Mt. Iyo(979m)
???[1.8km] Mt. Mito(1531m)
???[2.5km] Mt. Osawa(1482m)
???[2.8km] Mt. Toishi(1302m)
???[3.2km] Mt. Tsukiyomi(1147m)
???[4.8km] Mt. Kurato(1169.3m)
???[5.5km] Mt. Sasusawa(940m)
???[6.4km] Mt. Kayanoki(1485m)

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From Okutama-lake/Murokubo-rid...
       08 06, 2013 / Tristan_72,  Total 1 members  
       Amount of information:B   photo exists47   route / track exists1   like exists
Personal Tristan_72
Mt. Mito from Nukazasu Ridgewa...
       08 06, 2012 / gutenmrgen,  Total 1 members  
       Amount of information:S   photo exists86   detail exists1   route / track exists1   like exists
Personal gutenmrgen

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