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Elevation : 5642 m (18510.5 ft.)
Coordinates : Latitude 43°21′17″N, Longitude 42°26′21″E

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Description - [Source: Wikipedia]
Mount Elbrus ; ; ???W????ham??xwa ; Ialbuzi, ; Ossetian: Halbruzis the highest mountain in Russia, and the tenth most prominent peak in the world. A dormant volcano, Elbrus is in the Caucasus Mountains in Southern Russia, near the border with Georgia.
Elbrus has two summits, both of which are dormant volcanic domes. The taller west summit is 5642 meters ;, the east summit is 5621 meters . The east summit was first ascended on 10 July 1829 (Julian calendar) by Khillar Khachirov. His nationality is claimed both by Kabardians '&#39;mountain.ru. ??о????ождение на Эл??б?????? в 1829 год??.
??????ивн??е ма??е??иал??.
and Karachay and used by nationalists of both sides. He was a guide for a Imperial Russian army scientific expedition led by General Emmanuel, and the west summit (by about 20 meters ) in 1874 by a British expedition led by F. Crauford Grove and including Frederick Gardner, Horace Walker, and the Swiss guide Peter Knubel of St. Niklaus.
While authorities differ on how the Caucasus are distributed between Europe and Asia, most relevant modern authorities define the continental boundary as the Caucasus watershed, placing Elbrus in Europe due to its position on the north side in Russia.

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